Here's a little about us and our service...

All children deserve great tasting, nutritious and healthy food and we're passionate about delivering a service with this as its heart. Red Hen Cookery Lunches is a small, family run business dedicated to providing a high quality, reliable and customer focussed service to schools and nurseries. We listen to children, parents and schools and ensure our menus reflect current tastes and trends whilst remaining tasty and meeting government guidelines.

Our Service Offers:

For Schools-
3 Week Rotating Menu
4 Main Meals Options each day: Main Meal, Vegetarian Option, Jacket Potato (with Butter, Baked
Beans/Tuna and Cheese) or a Packed Lunch Bag (consisting of ham, cheese or tuna sandwich,
fresh fruit, a savoury item, yoghurt or jelly and a dessert
3 Dessert Options each day to include Dessert of the Day, Fruit Jelly/Fruit Yoghurt or Fresh Fruit
All government allergies provided for - no extra charge
Flexible Online Ordering and Payment System for parents, convenient and administered by us
which frees up school time
On some occasions we can also provide our own staff to serve the meals if your daily numbers
Cost Per Meal: £2.41 includes delivery

For Nurseries-
3 Week Rotating Menu
2 Main Meals Options each day: Main Meal, Vegetarian Option
Dessert of the Day
All government allergies provided for - no extra charge
Weekly Ordering
Cost Per Meal: £2.00 includes delivery

To find out more about the options above and to get a bespoke quote for your school or nursery requirements please give us a call on 01905 422997.

About Red hen Cookery Lunches

About us

Who remembers eating their school meals with fondness? We do!

In our opinion all children deserve great tasting, nutritious and healthy food. Whether that’s whilst they are at nursery, pre-school or at primary school, a nutritious lunch will keep them going throughout the rest of their day. At Red Hen Cookery our original cookery school teaching principles of locally sourced, cooked from scratch and made with care carry through to our educational catering.

We are incredibly passionate about the food we cook for school children. Our belief is that it’s so important for children to develop good eating habits from an early age, these will encourage them to continue to eat a balanced and nutritious diet into adulthood.

Easy, tasty & healthy

We cook meals that combine, fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and pulses. We use only healthy cooking methods, such as baking, braising, steaming and boiling to prepare our nutritious dishes.

We all have our favourite meals and children are no different so you’ll find that we often tweak the menu following feedback from children, parents or our schools. If children are enjoying particular meals then we’ll try our best to keep these on our menus, instead we’ll look at changing those meals that are perhaps not as popular, whilst still giving the children plenty of variety.

Balanced nutritious dishes

All of our main meals and desserts are cooked from scratch in our kitchens in St Johns Worcester, using fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers and delivered to schools or nurseries every day. We use local suppliers where ever we can and are proud to work with Worcester Produce for our fruits and vegetables and Sessions the Butchers for our meats and cheeses.

School cookery feedback
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