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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve forgotten my password
How can I place an order?
How do I pay for my order?
How far ahead can I order and pay for meals?
When is the latest I can order a meal?
How can I amend my children’s details?
How can I cancel a meal?
Cancellations can be processed providing they are actioned over 48 hours before the meal is scheduled to be delivered. To cancel a meal select ‘Orders’ on your dashboard (upper left area of screen) in the ‘My Account’ area. Now select ‘View’ next to your latest order. Choose the meal/s that are no longer required, remembering to cancel the dessert option also. Where you have paid for the meal refunds can be arranged – see ‘How do I get a refund?’ section.
How do I get a refund?
What do you serve with Jacket Potatoes/Option 3?
How much of your food is homemade?
My child has food allergies, can I still order a school meal for them?
Do you serve anything extra that isn’t listed on the menu?